Ice Gear

ICE Masks

ICE & OP Masks

1 Mask for $10 — 3 Masks for $25 — 5 Masks for $40

Contact us at or 847-456-2617 to purchase your masks. Please be sure to specify the type (ICE and/or OP), requested color(s), and the quantity for each mask.

OP Masks

7th Grade Carolina Blue

Upcoming Schedule


Rory Haas
Braeden Hackleman
Andrew Krestel
Logan Luxem
Ethan Matz
Kenan Pekovic
Rayne Punzal
Anthony Sclafani
Michael Shaw
Conrad Sperry

Some players may play on other ICE Teams

Head Coaches
Brian Davis & Tony Enwiya

Players must commit to a team online by Tuesday, March 23rd by 6:00PM

ICE Spring Travel Team fee is $1,070.00 if you paid the $30 tryout fee. The Team fee of $1,100.00 is due if you did not pay the tryout fee. SEASON CHANGE: The team fee includes 6 team shootouts/tournaments and 1 team practice a week (COVID-19 PANDEMIC-LESS PRACTICES & COST OF GYM RENTALS). ICE Spring Travel Team fee is due at the first team practice made payable to Illinois Central Elite. All new players uniform package is $150 is due at the first shootout made payable to Illinois Central Elite.



(6) Possible Shootout/Tournament Dates

March 27th-28th, April 3rd-4th, April 10th-11th, April 17th-18th, April 24th-25th; May 1st-2nd, May 8th-9th, May 15th-16th, May 22nd-23rd, May 29th-30th, June 5th-6th

Optimum Performance Gear

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