Ihsan Baig (ICE Black) – 12pts
Kevin Carranco (ICE Black) – 11pts
Winston Ericson (ICE Carolina Blue) – 9pts
Edwin Karnauchovas (ICE Grey) – 13pts
Luqmaan Quadri (ICE Black) – 8pts

Recap Week-2 Sunday, September 23rd

Another Week of Great games in Week-2 for ICE Fall League Division III!

In game one, ICE Black team led the whole game behind the scoring of Ihsan Baig (ICE Black-12points). ICE Black dis an excellent job of sharing the basketball with all their teammates. ICE Grey team was missing a lot of players on this day, so other players filled in to help keep ICE Grey Team in the game. ICE Grey was led by Edwin Karnauchovas (ICE Grey-13 points). ICE Black won 28-19 over ICE Grey.

This week, ICE Black was playing the double header game against ICE Carolina Blue. ICE Carolina Blue started the game off with a small lead tying to give ICE Black their first lost of the season. With their great ball movement and sharing the basketball, ICE Black did a great job of taking the lead back, behind Luqmaan Quadri (ICE Black-8pts) & Kevin Carranco (ICE Black-11pts). ICE Carolina Blue was paced by Winston Ericson (ICE Carolina Blue-9pts). ICE Black won 37-27 over ICE Carolina Blue.