Davee Flowers NY2LA


Dan Gibbs – Contributing Editor – NY2LA

While he has yet to start high school, Jaxson Davis has already earned himself a division one scholarship offer. Over the past couple of years, the 6’1” guard of Warren Township High School (IL) has continued to show he is one of the region’s top 2027 players.

Without being in high school yet, Davis is no stronger to competing up against high school players. Last year as a seventh grader he played up at the 15U level with Illinois Central Elite, and this spring he was playing all the way up at the 17U level. Even while playing up, he has not only fit in but been a standout. “My spring with ICE was very good I would say and that helped me get ready for varsity summer basketball for Warren that led to a great start for our team heading into fall and winter,” Davis said.

Earlier this month Davis received the first offer from Western Illinois University. “It felt good to receive my first offer before even entering high school but it’s just going to want to drive me more and continue to work and get better every day.”

There are very few players like Davis who are able to play up three levels and still compete at a high level. At his age with his blend of high skill level, versatility, and feel, are unmatched. Even with his advanced game, Davis is still looking to improve on some aspects as he enters the high school ranks. “I need to improve on my game are pull up jump shots and getting to my spots better so I can score but another thing I need to work on that doesn’t play a part in my skills is becoming a leader.”