Michael Boenzi (ICE Grey)
Eddy Dase (ICE Black) – 12pts
Jaxson Davis (ICE Carolina Blue) – 36pts
Al Fincher (ICE White)
Michael Pierre (ICE White)

Recap Week-1 Sunday, September 16th

This league started out with players missing on all teams because of players being sick and injured on Sunday. Therefore players were moved to different teams to balance the teams. Jaxson Davis (ICE Carolina Blue) led all scorers in all divisions with 36 points, after being moved from ICE Black to ICE Carolina Blue for this Sunday. ICE Carolina Blue did a great job of moving the ball to the open player, so all players had an opportunity to score. ICE Carolina Blue also had a stifling defense that held ICE Black to only 34 points. ICE Black was paced by Eddy Dase (ICE Black) with 12points. ICE Carolina Blue won 74 to 34 over ICE Black.

The second matchup in Division II of the night was ICE White versus ICE Grey. ICE Grey team lead by Coach Ahmad Gibson jumped out to a 20 point lead over ICE White early in the game. Michael Boenzi (ICE Grey) led they way for ICE Grey team. ICE White team did not give up and had a great team effort, while playing with just 5 players, had a great comeback by cutting the game to 6 points. ICE White team was led by Al Fincher & Michael Pierre. ICE Grey won 56 to 48 over ICE White.